Meet Sigrid and David

Sigrid and David
Feb 28th, 2019

David and Sigrid could be considered an unlikely couple. Sigrid grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota.  After attending the College of St Benedict she decided to become a nun, a member of the Sisters of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN.  During her almost 20 happy and challenging years in the convent, she attained several advanced degrees, and was both a chemistry teacher and a college administrator.  David is the oldest son of an American Baptist minister who played a prominent role both locally and nationally in his church.  David attended Kalamazoo College where he spent a semester studying abroad in Sierra Leone which proved to be a life-changing event for him.  He knew he wanted a career that required a great deal of international travel.

David and Sigrid met in graduate school at Syracuse University in New York.  After they completed their doctoral degrees, they went their separate ways.  Sigrid went back to Minnesota to be an administrator at the College of St. Benedict, and David went off to Iran to teach a masters program in Tehran.  Time passed and, through some unexpected events, Sigrid left her community of sisters and reconnected with David.  And, as they say, the rest is history.  They married 40 years ago and have lived a varied and rewarding life ever since.  David built a career as a professor and Sigrid worked for the New York State Office of Mental Health.  After 15 years in Albany, they moved to Washington D.C. where they both worked for consulting companies and learned about the world of government contractors.

After three years in D.C., David accepted a faculty position at the University of Minnesota that allowed him to continue his international research and teaching.  Sigrid continued working for her D.C. employer from Minneapolis, leading site visit teams assessing how state substance abuse agencies across the U.S. were spending federal block grant funds.

While they were both doing a great deal of traveling, on one occasion they were in the same city for several days so were staying together in a hotel.  David left early one morning being careful not to awaken Sigrid.  When Sigrid woke up to get things from her suitcase for the day, she discovered David had taken her suitcase by mistake.  Since then they try to always travel with different colored suitcases!

Since David and Sigrid have both retired now, they are delighted at the freedom to travel that living at Parkshore allows.  Although they have learned that they have to go at a more moderate pace, and that it takes much longer to recover from jet lag, they are still enjoying traveling to new places.