Activities Delivery Service

Sep 30th, 2020

ACTIVITIES DELIVERY SERVICE: What’s your request? You can request as many as you’d like.

Call the Programming Office with your requests at (952) 848- 5806 Mon-Fri

• Sewing and/or crocheting face masks patterns and materials - Do you need a mask?

• Letter Writing - Do you need paper or a stamp?

• Memoir Writing Materials.

• Puzzles: Jigsaw Crossword Sudoku Mad Libs Trivia.

• Reading Material: Books Magazines.

• Movies (DVD and VHS) New movies added!! Request movie list.

• Music CD’s: Request a list.

• Art/Craft Supplies: Coloring sheets Watercolors Learn to doodle Markers Colored pencils Origami Velvet Posters to Color.