Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors – Even During the Holidays!

Nov 10th, 2017

Whether it’s during the holidays or the hot months of summer, staying healthy is of utmost importance for Seniors. What you put into your body affects your overall health. Follow these tips to enjoy special holiday events while maintaining your healthy habits.


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1. Eat Light When You Can

If you know a big buffet or a rich dinner are in the plans, eat light the rest of the day. Stock up on salads with green leafy vegetables, eat a healthy breakfast with protein and try to balance your day with some healthy choices.


2.  Don’t Take Seconds

Go through the food line just once to keep your portions reasonable.


3.  Look for Protein and Vegetables

There are bound to be loads of sweets, breads, and alcoholic beverages that feel essential to the holiday festivities. While you can enjoy those special treats in moderation, be mindful that you choose lean meats, fruit salad, and vegetables whenever they’re offered.


4.  Drink Water

Staying hydrated is very important for seniors. According to, “Certain medical conditions and medications can affect a senior’s ability to retain fluids. Drugs like diuretics, antihistamines, and laxatives…can cause frequent urination that depletes water and electrolytes. Furthermore, seniors who experience incontinence often purposely refuse or limit fluids in order to avoid accidents.”

At a time when everything from eggnog and hot toddies to wine and hot cider are on tap, make sure to factor in water as well. Try keeping bottled water with you throughout the day.


5.     Bring Something Healthy

Are you in charge of bringing a side dish? Instead of whipping out that faded recipe card that includes “heavy cream” and “cream cheese,” do everyone a favor and bring a green vegetable dish or fruit kabobs to lighten the culinary load.


6.     Watch Sodium and other Dietary Restrictions

Don’t let your Doctor’s recommendations fly out the window with the latest snowfall. It is essential to keep monitoring your sodium intake, sugar, or any other dietary considerations that your doctor has given you. It’s not worth the complications or physical stress on your system.


We hope you enjoy every magical moment while maintaining your physical health this holiday season.