Meet Anna

Jan 31st, 2019

Anna has been writing the LinkLetter resident bios for over 10 years.  Her generosity in sharing her time and talent has been such a gift.  Each month we have looked forward to reading the bios she has written about our neighbors and friends.  She is now handing over the torch to 6 residents.  Only Anna would need a village to replace what she does for Parkshore.

Anna went to Little Rock Central High School and when she heard that there were 2 elective subjects from which she could choose, she elected to take Mechanical Drawing and not Home Economics.  She was the only girl in the class. Good choice, boys to date and careers that would become open to her. Smart woman.  Upon graduating, she went to work for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co and she was drawing plans and not answering phones.  Women at that time were paid exactly half ($52 a month) the salary of men who did the same work.  The war was raging in 1942 and men were being drafted or joining up.  Anna was hired by the US Engineers to draw maps at a definitely  better salary.  She was transferred to Denver to work for the US Geological Survey drawing topographic maps; all drawn by hand and long before computer drafting.

She met and married her husband, Raymond, who was a sales rep. for railroads. The first time she cooked for him, he said that he really wished she had chosen home economics. They had 3 children while living in Denver.  She loved Denver and wasn't thrilled about his being transferred to Minneapolis in the dead of winter. But, her husband was a native Minnesotan and was really happy to be back.  She and Ray had 2 more children and when they were in school, she went to work for Barr Engineering Co, drawing maps, again the only woman.  After 20 years, she retired and she and Ray traveled, taking cruises and long road trips to see their children who lived all over the USA, from Long Island to San Francisco. They went to Europe to see where Ray had fought in the Battle of the Bulge and at the Bridge at Remagen under Patton.

Anna is a volunteer.  She volunteered at the Minnesota Arboretum Auxiliary for 30 years. Her own garden with huge beautiful dahlias was an attention getter.  When Ray struggled with dementia, their children bought her a computer so they could stay in touch.  Her son made her computer 'sign in' name, Dahliadoll. She says she is not a doll but does love dahlias.

Through friends, she heard about Parkshore and loved it at first sight. She loves being involved in card games, attending programs and concerts.  She and Jean Wright (now deceased) created a great garden here in the summer. In 2017, she was chosen “Volunteer of the Year.” Hmmm, now that she is not working on the Link, wonder what is next? Let's wait and see. 

Thanks, Anna, for all you've given to Parkshore.  Please know it is appreciated.