Meet our New Bus Driver

Catfish on an outing to the Carlson Llama Farm
Aug 31st, 2019

By: Betsy P. and Catfish 

Meet Parkshore’s new shuttle bus driver, “Catfish.” Usually, one would not think his family actually gave him this name.  Others say, “are you from New                          Orleans?” We’ll let you know soon.  He was born in Wisconsin but his family moved to Minneapolis and he ended up loving it.  They dealt with another move as his father was transferred to Detroit, Michigan.  He graduated from high school and tried out a few colleges and decided driving trucks over the road was a great way to see the country and enjoy the sports he loved, and oh boy did he love sports of all kinds.

It all began 45 years ago; he attended a wedding in Wisconsin in June of 1975 (he doesn’t forget dates or sport scores)!  He met two girls from Eau Claire and struck up a new friendship with them. He was invited to their family cabin in northern Wisconsin for the next weekend.  While there, he woke up early and went down to the dock.  He found a fishing pole and decided to impress them by catching a monster fish (no luck).  His friends woke up and wanted to have breakfast, but he still was hoping to catch a fish.  One of the girls asked him if he thought he was Huck Finn, and the other one said “No, he looks more like a catfish!” He returned to Eau Claire the next weekend and they had bought him a shirt with ‘Catfish’ stitched on the back.  He moved back to Minneapolis to work and enjoy all the pro teams in Minnesota there he met and married a nurse who enjoys sports also—the perfect match.

In 1976, he attended a NorthStar Hockey game. He was wearing his Catfish shirt and the team wasn’t doing well, so he started walking up and down the aisles cheering the NorthStars on. Everyone says the cheering must have helped because they won! The 7,000 fans there asked him if he was coming back, and due to his famed nickname and T-shirt, that night in January of 1976, a famous superfan who went by the name of Catfish was born.  He continued his cheering, sometimes combining it with work as a beer vendor.  He was interviewed on many local radio and TV stations including by Dave Moore, an iconic announcer in Minneapolis on “Moore on Sunday,” as well as appearing on the most-watched local show in the Twin Cities called “Good Company” with Steve and Sharon.

He’s an excellent driver and very chivalrous.  He once learned a lesson from a girl he was going to date, when he jumped in his car and she was still standing outside.  Her father told her that “any man that wouldn’t open a door for a woman wasn’t a gentleman.” He learned a lesson that we enjoy today.  Thanks, Catfish!