Senior Living: Making a Difficult Discussion as Easy as Possible

Dec 26th, 2018

Sometimes keeping your parent’s best interests in mind involves tough decisions which often include moving. This decision may be due to mobility, a need for socialization, medical concerns, and more.


People often don’t realize that there are many types of senior communities, some of which involve care, and some that don’t. At Parkshore Senior Campus, we provide everything from senior apartments to memory care. With these options, you and your loved one will find the perfect place that is custom-tailored to your loved one’s needs.




Talking to your parent about a lifestyle change isn’t something to take lightly. Before you can have the conversation, you need to do your homework. Research different levels of care and determine the best fit for your parent.


For example, if your parent is very independent, one of the senior apartments at Parkshore could be the perfect fit. These independent facilities simply have a 24-hour pull-cord alert system but provide no additional care. We also offer assisted living with personal care services.


Ask Questions

Remember that this conversation is about your parents, so be sure to include them in the conversation. Ask them what they want and where they want to live and consider the amenities they’re interested in and would most benefit their lifestyle. Open-ended questions are a great way to get a conversation rolling since they don’t allow simple yes and no answers. These questions will also allow you to determine any concerns that your parent may have.


Show Empathy

Empathy will show that you are trying to understand what your parent is going through. Moving is a big decision and should be taken seriously and discussed at length. Listening and keeping an open mind is essential. Everyone is different and will respond to this type of discussion in different ways. Try to consider this ahead of time and customize the conversation by sharing the advantages that will be most beneficial to your parent.


Take Time

These decisions take time and should never be rushed. Start having conversations when you are just beginning to have concerns instead of waiting for a crisis to occur. Proper preparations will allow you to discuss your options multiple times and ensure that you and your parent come to the best decision.


At Parkshore, we understand that these decisions can take time and we’re here to help. Book a tour to get started today!