Social Media Tips for Seniors: How to Get Started

Sep 14th, 2017


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Staying social is one of the best ways to keep yourself engaged as you age. A great way to connect with family from afar or meet new friends with similar interests is through social media. The internet can be intimidating at times and many seniors have no idea how to navigate social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. We have put together these quick tips for seniors like those living with us at Parkshore just getting started!


Understand Your Social Media Options

There are many social media outlets you can use to connect with people in different ways. It all depends on your interests and how you plan to use it. These are the major social media channels and how people typically use them.

  • Facebook – connect with family, find groups, attend events, and search classifieds.
  • LinkedIn – connect with professionals, find a career niche and stay on top of industry news.
  • Pinterest – collect images across the internet of interesting things and share them with your friends, often used for crafts, DIY enthusiasts, recipes and shopping.
  • Instagram – photographs only, share your photography skills or show off your cooking ability.
  • Snapchat – photo messaging that instantly deletes itself. Share daily moments with your closest family and friends as they happen.
  • Twitter – share quick thoughts, read funny jokes, follow celebrities or politicians to keep up to date.
  • Youtube – videos only, share your personal videos or watch a variety of others from tutorials to pranks to music to short films.

These are some of the popular channels which seniors can use to connect. This will help you decide which you should research and learn to use.


Staying Safe On Social Media Sites

No matter what channel you are using, creating a profile and sharing on social media sites will bring safety concerns. Be sure to treat all information as public; NEVER share anything you would not want everyone to know. Find your privacy settings and review them to set parameters you are comfortable with. Use private messaging or email if you want to connect with someone specific about something sensitive. Choose a password that is difficult to crack, changing it often as well. Staying secure online is very important when you are not familiar with how to use social media.


When you are just getting started on social media, the unwritten rules and variety of choices can be overwhelming. Rest assured, it will all be worth it to help you connect and engage in social behavior online!