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Nov 9th, 2020


November 9, 2020

To Our Residents and Families:
We have received confirmation from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) that three residents in Independent Living and three employees at Parkshore have tested positive for COVID-19.  After consulting with MDH, we believe these cases pose a very low risk to other residents and staff, but in the interest of extreme caution we will be conducting follow up testing of those who may have been exposed.  The residents who tested positive were quarantined as soon as they were aware of symptoms and the staff had been wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times in the building.  Those residents in quarantine will remain there until they are cleared to leave. The employees are quarantining at home and will not return to campus until they are cleared to return.  Please know that if you, or your loved one, were at risk, you would have already been notified.

Unfortunately, Indoor Visits will need to be suspended temporarily, but we will let you know when we get the okay from MDH to have them resume. While Essential Caregiver and Compassionate Care visits will be allowed to continue, we need to stress the importance of following all safety protocols, most especially:

  • frequent and proper hand hygiene before and during the visit
  • wearing eye protection at all times during the visit
  • wearing a surgical mask at all times during the visit.  

As cases continue to dramatically increase across our state and our nation, it is more important than ever to observe ALL recommended safety measures at all times including: wearing masks, wearing eye protection, enforcing social distancing, handwashing/sanitizing, cleaning commonly touched surfaces, limiting visits, avoiding bars and restaurants, avoiding parties that do not allow for proper social distancing. These protocols remain the most powerful methods available to keep everyone safe and contain the spread of this virus. Working together we can greatly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 for all our residents, staff and family members.  
If you have questions or need additional information about this news or about any aspect of our response to this situation, please reach out to your Life Care Manager or:

Life Care Director: Betsy Gasior 952.737.4366
Executive Director: Mike Metzler 952.848.803


Mike Metzler, Executive Director  

Betsy Gasior, Life Care Director