A Great Decision

We moved into Parkshore late last fall from our house of many years, our list of things to worry about got much shorter.  We delight in how easy it is to travel now.  Just lock the door, tell the front desk we are going, and we are off.  No worries about having someone care for our house in our absence.  We are all aware that the day will come when we need some extra help or some special care.  We do not worry about that anymore because we know that when we need it, the help will be easily accessible.

The richness of the opportunities for happy, healthy living at Parkshore has far surpassed our expectations. The emphasis on being active and healthy fits us perfectly.  We are convinced that Parkshore’s wellness program is superior to any other one around.  Sigrid enjoys the exercise classes and David is a regular in the pool.  We are both glad to have access to the walking paths and also to be living in a walkable neighborhood.  The dining room provides us with meals that are both good to eat and are good for us.  The quality of the life here is reflected in the upbeat, positive attitude that the residents have. Life here is good, and the happiness shows.

But the component that make all of these dimensions of Parkshore life really work is the staff.  We received such good support during the process of deciding and moving. Then from the moment we walked in the front door and were greeted by name, we knew this place was something special.  The staff in the wellness center know everyone and are quick to accommodate each individual’s needs. The energetic staff in the dining room outdo themselves in welcoming us and doing their best to make our dinners a good experience.

Life at Parkshore is good and we are very happy that we made the choice to move here.

- Sigrid H., Resident

Wonderful Care

I am writing on behalf of our family to let you know how much we appreciate the care our mother received from the Lifesprk care givers and how happy our mother was with their care.

The Home Health Aides who worked with mom closely most recently were: Jeremiah, Kephar, Veronica, John, Edwin, Angela, and Korlu.  All of these staff members were highly valued by our mother, and she always had good experiences to share with us whenever we visited.

Notable also are the Memory Care Lifesprk nurses that we have come to know. They did such a wonderful job of keeping us informed.  Jody, Caroline, and Heidi showed such love and compassion towards my mom and we were always impressed how they went above and beyond to ensure her comfort.

Over time we have seen that the staff of the Reflections Unit interact with the people they care for with true kindness and dignity.  They have much to be proud of.


- Ann W., Family of Former Resident

More Than Just Keeping Fit

Coming to water aerobics class at Parkshore allowed me to build a community of friends before I moved in. I have been doing water aerobics for 30+ years and was so delighted to find a senior community that offered classes each week. The staff’s ability to bring care, creativity, and attention to every person is a balm for the spirit as well as the body.

- Darlene W., Resident

Do Something Fun

After not participating in Park Club for almost a year, I noticed a new class… Seated Dance. It looked like fun so I decided to try it. I have been coming every week ever since!

- Frances Nemet, Resident

You Can Start Again

I spent most of my life in athletics, competing or coaching. I was always active, but when I was 89 years old my wife became ill and I took care of her. For 3 years my exercise was pushing her down the hall in her wheelchair. Although my time with her was a priority 12-14 hours/day, I suffered the consequences of lack of exercise, including bouts with pneumonia and stress illnesses I had not experienced before. I got back into it at 92 to feel better, to realize life was not over. I keep going now because it is a social activity, a challenge, a competition and again, a habit worth keeping.

- Don Johnson, Resident

Start Small

I started exercising at Park Club in February, set small goals so that I experienced success, then stepped up the goals. I kept going and met each goal; 5 minutes of exercise, then 10 minutes…

Water exercise classes kept it social and added the fun element. In just 6 weeks, my cholesterol was normal and I could walk 3 flights of stairs (handy when the elevator went out in my building)! That had not been possible prior to my exercise program. The best thing is that the staff will come up with a program; you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Just tell them your goals and they will set up a program just for you. No worries, just show up!

- Sue Richards, Community Member

Finding Your Rhythm

(consistent exercise over time has its benefits) A year ago I could not walk up the stairs from ground to first floor. Now I can. The key is patience, not impatience.

- Gordon Stein, Resident

Camaraderie and Friendships

I’ve always been active, and Parkshore was my choice because of the Park Club. For me there was no question but to dive right in. The Tai Chi, yoga and exercise classes are part of my weekly routine now. The benefits keep me going… camaraderie, friendships, and overall health and wellness.

- Lecia Van Amerongen, Resident

Thanks To Everyone

Hello, Kristine* - I wanted to speak for the Geiger family to thank the Lifesprk staff who supported my Mother, Martha, through her time at Parkwood. Everyone was wonderful and they took great care of her. She spoke often about how much she liked everyone and appreciated her help.

I would especially like to commend Jeremiah, Jody, and Olu. Jeremiah was so kind, gentle, and respectful with her. Olu worked to get her to drink and eat, and was also kind and respectful. I know that Jody has been filling in between permanent nursing staff, but I can't tell you how knowledgeable and compassionate she was with my mother.

The team of staff on the Memory Care neighborhood made all the difference for my Mother in her last days.Thanks to everyone yourself included.

* Kristine is a Lifesprk nurse and life care manager

- Nancy G., Family of Former Resident

A Family Affair

Professional musician, Paul, provided the music for a birthday party at Parkshore and sensed that it was a community that his mother would enjoy. After moving here, Shelby says, “I love it here! I tell all my friends that this is a vibrant, lively, intellectually active place. Here I have seen loss upon loss, strength upon strength, and have seen residents make choices to learn and grow through each loss and our accumulated losses. And I am grateful for the warm welcome I receive from everyone I meet.”

- Shelby A., Parkshore resident

The Best Move I Have Ever Made!

Why I like living at Parkshore. For several years I visited Parkshore and knew that one day this would be my home.


  • Terrific location
  • # one staff made my move so easy
  • Many opportunities for classes
  • Beautiful pool, excellent Club and staff
  • Cleanliness
  • Privacy and respect for neighbors
  • Happy people
  • Great meals and top notch severs and chefs

I have had three and a half great years here. The best move I have ever made!

- Dee A., Parkshore Resident

Garden of Amazing Friends

I found Parkshore.. It took a leap of faith to leave a place where I figuratively knew everyone, to move with my kitty to a place where I knew no one. My mother often said to ‘bloom where you are planted,’ and, in the ten months I have been here, I have found my new community and my new family, where I am planted among this garden of amazing friends!

- Joy R., Parkshore Resident